How Agricultural mechanization is helpful to farmers in all the crops


Mechanization is essential to reduce the cost of cultivation in agriculture and increase production and productivity.  Accordingly, farmers need to make farming profitable by using the machinery that suits them. 

 Dredging or ploughing machines:

 1.5 ha per day.  Dukki / ploughing  Power Tiller, 2.5-3 ha.  There are mini tractor rotavators that can be plowed.  There is also a machine that digs 20-25 holes per hour.  The plow can be plowed twice a day for one year.  Small tractors assist in plowing, sowing and spraying of agro chemicals.

   Sowing machine:- 

 Seed and manure can be applied on 2.5 acres per day with ox-driven equipment and 1.5-10 acres with tractor machine. There are 4, 6, 8 row sowers for sowing paddy.  16-3 per day with these.  5 h.  Can be sown until.  Sprouted pods can be sown twice a day in drum seed.  Seed without dredging in zerotillage process, Maize can be sown after paddy at 3.5-4.5 ha per day with mechanized manure application. Plastic mulch can be piled up and drip pipes, plastic sheets laid and the edges covered with mud all at once. 

 Weeding machines: 

Power weeders are available for weeding at 0.15 ha / h in Metta and Magani lands.  Weed at 0.15 ha / h with star weeder on stairs and conoweeder on paddy.  The boom spare year has been redesigned.  With 14 Nazis, 6 m at a time.  The drug can be sprayed at a width of 4 ha per day.

  Sri rice method Drum Seeder, machine planted rice has 3 rows of machine working machine.  This allows weeding per acre with one liter of petrol per hour.  There is also a one-time seeding in the furrows as well as a weed sprayer.  Seed husks are cut and seeded in sugarcane.  Plant sugarcane buds in 4 acres per day with machine.

  There is a badchip planter device to plant sugarcane and fiber at a specific angle.  There is also a sugarcane harvester, a machine that separates the leaves and shreds the fields and fills it in a tractor.  There are sugarcane cutters with wheels and belt wheels.  There is a trash shire machine that dries one cane of sugarcane waste per hour and turns it into a mulch in the furrows.  With the Ratoon Manager machine you can do things like carving sugarcane, pruning old roots, spraying fungicide, fertilizing, shredding and mixing in the soil in 3-4 acres per day. 

A tractor-driven machine for plowing peanuts and plowing the soil has an infinite number of plowshares per hour to remove the crop from the ground. There is a fresh pressure compressor that separates 250-300 kg of nuts per hour from green peanut bundles and a dripod crusher that separates 500 nuts per hour from dry peanuts.

 In the paddy ... there are wheelbarrows and rotopoder equipment to control it. Paddy can be grown at 4 5 ha per day with the first seeded seed. The seed can be sown in 4-5 ha per day with a manure lager, just like in a tractor. There are conoweeder and power weeder devices that connect to the paddy fields.

Harvesting and threshing machines;- 

A man can harvest an acre of land in 2 hours by walking with a paddy harvester.  Crops such as paddy, maize and sorghum can be threshed with a multi-crop threshing machine.  An acre of paddy can be cut and threshed in an hour and a half in the Combine Harvester.  There are track type and wheel type variants.  One hectare of maize can be harvested in an hour.  A paddy harvester cutting a quarter hectare per hour.  0.4 ha. 

 There are reaper binder equipment for cutting and bundling.  With Reaper‌ Blinder, rice can be cut and bundled on 5-6 acres per day.  2 l per hour.  Need diesel.  0.4 ha per hour with fodder harvesting fodder harvest.  Can be cut.  There are straw baler machines to cut the paddy straw in the paddy fields.  There is a machine for round bundling of one acre of grass per hour and 2.5-4 acres of hay bales per square meter.  With a paddy dryer the moisture in the grain can be reduced from 22 percent to 13-14 percent in 5 hours.  There is also a high capacity paddy dryer.  

Corn husk can be threshed 450-650 kg per hour with a threshing machine.  Feeder with peanut crop digger and nutcrackerCan be done on 30 acres in a single day, includes sunflowers, corn cobs, castor machines.  Digging yellow at 0.4 ha per hour, 0.27 ha!  There are hand and pen driven machines to thresh the root crop in.  There is a mobile briquetting machine ...  With this 250 km per hour.  The pieces of wood are made.  With (mini doll mill) 120 to 125 kg of opium per hour can be converted into pulses.  400 per hour in yellow horn grade.  The horns can be graded.  Lee with yellow digging device with tractor.  Yellow can be mined at 1.25 acres per hour with diesel at 700 km per hour with motorized polish.  Yellow horns can be polished. 

 Fruit chilies can be dried in 7-8 days in polyhouse and solar dry cuttings.  Instead of a polythene cover on top of this dryer, coriander and vegetable fibers can be grown using 50% shade net.  Unused tobacco barons can be used as a dryer to reduce the moisture content of peppercorns to 75-10% in 40-50 hours.  50-100 per hour with a machine that separates the seeds from the dried chillies.  The seed can be separated into four.  With a mobile yellow seam boiler you can boil tons of turf per hour.