How to carry out rabbit breeding as a cottage industry


Rabbits are raising for  meat and wool.  A female rabbit produces 40-80 bunnies a year.  These bunnies can mature and breed in 5-6 months.  The rabbit feeds every 33 days.  Swimming sees 6-10 children. 

 Rabbits can eat and digest a variety of grasses and barns.  Rabbit meat is delicious.  Good for health.  Their skins can be used to make beautiful hats, money purses, gowns and many other items.  

New Zealand White, Greyhound, Chinchilla and White Giant breeds of rabbits.  These weigh 4-5 kg.  Flemish Giant Rabbits are the heaviest of the rabbit breeds in the world.  They weigh 6-9 kg.  Angora rabbits are known for their wool production.  They weigh 2.5 to 3.5 kg and can produce 300-1200 grams of wool per year.  Their price is Rs.600-800 per kg.


for Every female rabbit need 5  square feet,  for male rabbit  4 sqaure Feet, For bunnie rabbits  need Cages  per one square foot.  Make sure there is plenty of air and light in the shed.  Growing shade trees around the shed will increase the coolness.  The temperature in the sheds is around 30 degrees Celsius in summer.  Adequate precautions should be taken not to drop below 20 degrees Celsius in winter.  Fodder: Rabbits are herbivores and if they are to be bred they should be given a complete mixed feed.  Feeding can be given in powder form or in pellet form.  In the feed, corn or sorghum, groundnut, bran and salt mixtures should be mixed in appropriate proportions.  Fodder should be given along with the feed.  Lucerne, bursim, napier, parasite, guinea fowl, sweet sudan, peanut, bean, soybean, cat pesara, alasanda leaves can be used as fodder.  The cost can be reduced by drying the green fodder and adding it to the feed mixture.


Rabbits are suitable for breeding after the six month's of  age.  There is no such thing as a regular mating time for female rabbits.  The female rabbit should be placed in the male rabbit cage and crossed.  The diagnosis can be made 18 days after crossing.  For rabbits with eyesight, the nest box should be set on the 25th day of sighting.  The female rabbit has sex for 30-33 days.  After a few months of weaning, the young can be separated from the mother and the female rabbits can be reunited.  In order to get high profits from rabbit breeding, hybrid rabbits should be produced.
In those rabbits immunity also have  high

Each female rabbit can be used for breeding until the age of three.  Children should be sold for 12-16 meats.


For meat production, a farm with one hundred female rabbits would require an investment of about Rs 1.60 lakh. In the first year of the farm, the sale of meat is expected to fetch about Rs 16 lakh, Rs 21 lakh in the second year and Rs 24 lakh in the third year.
Rabbit breeding can be taken up as a small cottage industry where market facilities are available.

For more details on rabbit breeding contact the Rabbits Research Department at Rajendrapanagar (7989148890)