How to start hydroponics cultivation


hydroponics means growing plants using mineral nutrients without soil.  The system was designed in 1930 to provide food for soldiers during World War II.  In this process the nutrients required for the plant are supplied by the nutrient solution through an inert material instead of soil.  Quality, high yields can be obtained in this process.  Hydroponics can also be used to grow crops in areas where the soil and climate are not conducive to harvesting.  Flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants are widely grown in this area.  More crop can be harvested in less area.  Plants grow 20-50 percent faster and give better yields.  It can save water by cultivating only 20% of the running water in a normal farm.  No soil pollution.  The weed problem can be overcome.  The problem of pests is minimal.  By the soil 

Crop pests will not be a problem.  The conditions required for plant growth can be controlled.  Plant density is higher and yield is higher than normal method.  Crops can be grown around the year regardless of the climatic factor.  Ingredients ... Hydroponics does not contain soil, so in nutrient solution, inert materials like Rockpool, Perget, Vermiculite, Fertilizer, Sand should be used depending on the crop being grown as a plant.  Nutrients should be used in the nutrient solution depending on the crop being grown.  The temperature required for the crop should not be fluctuated from time to time.  Make sure the airflow is high.  Quality water should be used.  

Six methods:- 

There are six modes of hydrophonics: Win, Ab and Flow, Nutrient Film, Drip, Grow Bag, Rock Pool.

Select any one of them Based on cultivating crop,area extension, region of cultivation.

Fodder can be grown along with strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, lettuce, asparagus, ball, rose, carnation, chamomile, gypsophyllum, lily, etc.  Countries such as Israel and Japan have been leading the way in hydroponics with good yields.  Even in Kenya and Africa, there are some people in our country who are getting good results in horticulture.  Farmers are earning income from fodder and horticulture.  For future food security, there is a need to focus on new farming methods such as hydroponics to feed the growing population.

  Crops for those in the process of wanting to grow new hydroponics Companies like Futurefords in Chennai are giving details.  Establishment of Hydroponics Farm in an area of ​​200 - ft.  Up to lakh are required.  Depending on the size is solid.  Dubai's largest hydroponics farm (900 - ralu) grows 5.3 tonnes of vegetables per day.