Rabi paddy crop cultivation techniques


◆ For rabi paddy crop, only short and medium season varieties should be selected.  Long-term varieties (150-155 days crop) like Sonamasuri, Samba Masuri (BPT 5204) should not be selected.  This is because during the Rabi period, daylight hours are required.  If these are used in Rabi, the bulbs will shrink.  And diseases will increase.  Therefore, farmers should take note of this and apply only varieties like NLR 34449, MTU 1001, MTU 1010, ADC37.  The seed must be cleaned after the rice grain is brought.  The wet method (1 gram bavistin a liter of water), the dry method (3 grams per 1 kg bean sinigani used bavistin. Buys seed, seed packet and on the label (green) will be. It should be more than 85 percent of the percentage of malt. 

Carefully keep the seed packet and the bill with you from the time of purchase till the paddy crop comes to a halt.  It never gives high seedlings and yields, so the saplings grown in the right area will grow strong and give high yields.If the crop does not grow well in winter, sprinkle 2 kg urea thinly on 5 cents seedlings

◆ The age of the seedlings to be transplanted in the main  field depends on  duration of the crop  in months  E.g.  If it is a 120 day crop (4 months crop) then 4 weeks seedlings  i.e. 28 days seedlings  should be used for planting in the main field.

  A week before pulling  seedlings, for  5 cents nursery, 1 kg cartap 4G hydrochloride capsules (or) carbofuran 3G granules should be  Sprinkle with mix  in the sand.  Do not use or mix with urea.  When the pellets are sprinkle  , water should be given thinly , cover the field on all sides, and sprinkle to prevent water from escaping inside.  Make sure you do the same.

●  Doing so will prevent the stem borer or whitefly (we rot) for up to 25 days after planting in the main field.  This saves up to Rs. 1000 / - per farmer.  (Planted in the main field of application of the 8 kg per acre kartaph hydrochloride (Laadan) Carbofuran 12 kgs should be used.

● When planting saplings, the ends of the saplings should be planted
The saplings should be pruned at very high, short ends This prevents the stem borer from hatching during the egg stage. This is because the worm lays its eggs in the leaf axils. Injury to the top will result in more bulbs .This will increase the yield

◆ When planting seedlings, it is better if the plant is in the 3 leaf stage Keep the main field muddy and plant 2 or 3 seedlings in one place. If it is dark, plant up to 5 plants .Pull the drum cedar over the mud in the drum seeder method.

When the seedlings are planted, 5 cm for 48 hours (2 days) immediately after planting.  Keep the water.  This allows the plant to stand up and produce bulbs.  After two days, reduce the water to 2 cm until dry.  Keep only until.  

◆To prevent rats, (or) to prevent weeds from getting too much water, the bulbs will form less and the yield will decrease.  If mice control (or) chemical weed control costs 1000 to 1500, too much water will reduce the yield by 5 to 6 bags.  At Rs 800 / - per basta, the loss is around Rs 4000 to 5000 per acre.  So farmers can prevent the above two problems collectively at low cost.  

Therefore, there is no need to carry much water.  When planting (or) pull the drum seed and leave one foot path every 2 m.  Leave this footpath in an east-west direction.  Thus light air is well absorbed into the crop and pests are reduced.  Zinc sulfate, especially in the less than 20 kg per acre to make the last out of the blocks.

 ◆  Do not mix it with manure.  This means that the fertilizer is not cooled after zinc sulphate (zinc) first.  Kejilaku exceed 20 to erase the last salutoletappudu zinc sulfate.  Then apply the fertilizer following the soil test recommendation.  

Apply complex fertilizer before the plant harvest play.  (DAP) is also complex fertilizer) Do not apply complex fertilizer once the plant is planted.  Is there any doubt in the application of direct fertilizers (urea, super, potassium).

◆ This allows the fertilizer to be applied to the plant without being wasted.  Use urea as fat urea.  As a result, compared to thin urea, fat urea is 50 per cent higher in the plant and helps the plant to grow.  Divide the urea into four parts.  After the fourth part comes to the stomach, do not forget to apply potash, even if you use sulfate (sulfate) with potash when it comes to dryness.  Because the same gives weight to the seed.  Gives immunity to the plant.  

Apply weedicides twice before the plant is 40 days old.  Do not internalize later.  The first weed should be done with chemical herbicides, the second with humans, otherwise do it with two weed killers but when using herbicides use 1) water yourself, 2) do not use a power player. 

 ◆ Do not use insect repellent capsules after thawing.  Apply fertilizer during the afternoon.  Spray the medication especially during the evening (when the smoke is coming).  Due to heavy rains and overflowing of all ponds and ditches, paddy cultivation was in full swing.  Therefore, farmers must adopt the above techniques to reduce costs, increase yields and provide a happy income.