Dairy Farm project -major income source to the Farmers

 How to start Dairy farm business

Black coloured cows

◆ Dairy to the farmer on the dairy farm, the crop is like two eyes.  Dairy is the only crop that supports farmers in case of adverse crop damage.  That is why I have said that the house that is charmed will be destroyed.  Not only farmers but also unemployed youth, private employers and traders can set up dairy farms. 

 ◆ Before starting a dairy, one should look at the various dairies that are already running successfully.  The methods they follow should be closely scrutinized on all aspects such as revenue and expenditure.  If there is an opportunity to sell the milk produced by the cow or the buffalo to the customers or the hotel at Rs. 60-70 per liter, the dairy farm should be started with the buffalo.  

◆ Depending on the milk collection center, cows should be started.  Without starting a farm with a large number of cows and buffaloes at once ... It is advisable to start a dairy with 10 cows or buffaloes first and increase their number as the experience increases.

◆ It is very important to select high quality cows and buffaloes.

◆ In cows, Holstein Friesian (HF), Jersey hybrid, which produces 15-20 liters of milk per day, and In Buffaloes, 10-15 liters per day, Murra and Zaprabadi should be selected. 

◆ cows are  ... Available at 

  1. Chittoor, 
  2. Kolar,
  3. Chintamani,  
  4. Shirdi etc. 

◆ Buffalo are available at 

  1. Rohtak (Haryana),
  2. Gujarat as well as many other places in Andhra Pradesh.  

◆Usually cows of this breed cost around Rs.70,000.  Buffaloes are available for over a lakh. 

  Where to find cattle:

 ◆ Some traders bring Murra breed buffalo from Haryana, Punjab and other places and sell it at Mahabubnagar, Karimnagar, Mahabubabad in Telangana, NimboliAdda in Hyderabad, Gaddi Annaram and Chintalakunta cattle markets.  

◆ In Andhra Pradesh   They are available at Kankipadau (Krishna district ), Undi, Bhimavaram (west Godavari.) and Tuni Cattle Markets ( East godavari) .

◆ Livestock sheds should be built on a high ground with minimal investment so that each animal has at least 30 square feet of space.

◆ For every five cattle, Super Napier, Co-4, Co-5, A.P.B.N -1. and other legumes, such as Lucerne, Heglusern, etc, cultivate with adequate amount water for growing of grasses. 

◆ Buy dried apricots in advance and keep them ready.  It is best for farmers to whom they make the feed.  Maize, sorghum, copper, sajja, groundnut husk, bran etc. can be mixed in equal proportions and fed to cattle.

◆   In milking, people skilled in animal husbandry should be recruited at the rate of one per ten cattle.  Artificial insemination facility should be maintained.  All livestock must be insured for three years. 

10 Dairy Cattle Income and expenditure in Lakhs

ExpenditureMurra BuffaloH.F cows
ANIMALS COST 10 lakhs7 lakhs
farm establish2.402.40
Motor and electricity1 1
Total expenditure 14.40 11.40
Maintenance Charger
Feed cost 4.20 5.58
insurance premium 0.6 0.42
Workera 1.40 1.40
Health fee 0.20 0.20
other expenses 0.20 0.20
yearly expenses 6.60 7.80
Sales of milk 10.80 12.15
Manure sales 0.50 0.50
Male calf sales 0.10 0.10
Yearly Income 11.40 12.75
Total Net income per year 4.80 4.95

 Income and expenditure

 Includes investments in cooking, purchase of livestock, purchase of equipment, capital expenditure, shearing costs, labor costs, insurance, veterinary medicine, recurring expenses such as electricity.  In terms of income, the income comes from the sale of milk, sale of fertilizers, sale of calves, etc.  Depending on the loan from the bank, the monthly loan installments will have to be repaid in five years with interest, starting with the dairy.

◆ The Holstein Friesian (HF) crossbred cow, which currently produces 20 liters of milk, costs around Rs. 70,000 (Seventy thousand ) Expenditure on housing is Rs.  Up to 800,

 ● The equipment can cost up to Rs 2 lakh , ● The cost of feeding is Rs.  20, 

 ●grass fodder Rs. 1 per kg, 

 ●dry fodder up to Rs 4 rupee.  

● The monthly wage for each of the workers would be 12,000

Livestock insurance premium is 6% for three years.  The cost on veterinary medicine is Rs.  Becomes up to 2 thousand.  At current milk procurement prices, co-operatives pay farmers Rs 26-30 per liter for cow's milk and Rs 40-48 per liter for buffalo milk, depending on the percentage of butter.  The price of buffalo milk in the outside market is Rs.  Ranges from 50-70.  It is noteworthy that the demand for Milk  in the market is very low.