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◆ Use of technology in agriculture sector

 ◆ Agri startup services at all stages of marketing of seeds, fertilizers and cuttings

 ◆ Domestic Agritech market to reach $ 24.1 billion by 2025

 ◆ The farmer is the backbone of the country but in today's technological age (era) the agri start-ups are the backbone of the farmers 

◆   Agri Start-ups Corona outbreak, decline in all sectors of the country during the lockdown, only one agricultural sector has achieved sustainable growth

 "  The reason for this is the use of technology in agricultural work" 

◆  From weather and soil testing to sowing, fertilizers, spraying, crop management, harvesting products, marketing, pricing, warehousing, lending, Agri start-ups stand by the breadwinner at every stage.

The main reasons for agri start-ups in the country

Increasing smartphone and internet usage in rural areas

 ● Switching to Digitization with Corona Disease

 ●  Educated people entering the field of agriculture

 ● Adopting modern methods to make agriculture profitable

 ● International companies, domestic and foreign investors are investing in the agricultural sector as in all other sectors

 ● Central and State Governments are promoting the agricultural sector

 ●  Having a demand in the international market for fair products.

 Our country  is an agro-based country 60.9 per cent of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood

 ◆ Currently there are 50 to 60 agriculture start-up companies with at least three years of experience in the country

 ◆  The Countries with the highest number of agri start-ups are Australia, USA and Switzerland.

 Large availability of land, widespread use of modern technology, literacy of farmers, adoption of modern farming methods are the main reasons for this.

 ◆ Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are among the top consuming states for agri start-ups in the country

◆ Sunor Kaul, co-founder director of Origo Commodities, said that " the main reason for this is that most of the encouragement from local government and private"  companies is due to the fact that most of the agri start-up promoters are from the respective states.

◆ Desi Agritech Startup Raises $ 467 Million Investments From 2014 to September 20 2020 Indian Startup Ecosystem IQ42 expects the domestic Agritech market to reach $ 24.1 billion by 2025

 ◆ Total Agri Tech market turnover is $ 170 million and has so far achieved only $ 204 million

 Capital Management Advisory Omnivore conducted a survey on the performance of Agritech start-ups during the lockdown period in the country as the use of digitalization in agriculture has increased significantly over the past year.

 Demand for this specialty has grown by 85% over the past year

 51% of start-ups reported 50% growth was  developed in corona times compared to the previous fiscal year

Which start-ups are providing what services:- 

Weather, soil tests; - 

1.Krishi Tantra, 




Seeds, fertilizers; -

1. Marut drones, 

        2.General Aeronautics,

3. Prime UAV,

  4.thanos technologies,

5. sky craft

Crop Management: -


2.krishi hub,

        3.abono biotech, 



Agricultural Machinery: -

Bighaat, EM3 agri service, kethigaadi,

Jfarm services, tringo, ujjay, fly bird

Supply, Marketing: -

Agri bazar, crofarm, farmpaal, ninja cart,

Vekool, mera kisan, farmlink,

Loans & Warehouses: -

Origo, samunnathi, farMart, Argos, jaikisan, cash flow, krishi trade,

●  Pre-harvest and post-harvest services: -

 ●  Agri-start-up services can be divided into two types, pre-harvest and post-harvest

 ◆ Companies such as

1. Krishi Tantra, 

2. Marut Drones, 

3. Cropin 

  they are providing  pre-harvest services such as climate based technology, soil type testing, seeds, fertilizers, pesticide selection, financial incentives.

 ◆ Companies such as

      1 .Ninja Cart,

2. Origo, 

     3. Crofarm, 

        4. FarmLink, 

offer post-harvest services such as crop production, supply, marketing, pricing, payment method, etc.

 ◆ physically needed work   on the farm is reduced by more than half  through agri start- ups.

 ◆ And also Shortage of farm labor can overcome the health problems of pesticides as well as earn higher crop yields for farmers.

 ◆ Prem Kumar Wislawat, CEO of Maroon Drone Tech Company said that "the input cost of labor, fertilizer use and time will be reduced".

 ◆ At present about 3200 farmers of Telangana state  in  Warangal, Jagityala, Tandur, Palam and Kampasagar areas of Telangana claim to be spraying ten thousand nine hundred  acres spraying with drones, and  providing farm services "