Bsc agriculture jobs in public and private sector in india and abroad

 Jobs after bsc agriculture in india and abroad

A Plant doctor wear white coat

the course Bsc agriculture although  most of the candidates who opt for the course are well aware of  the career prospects after doing this  4 year bsc agriculture course still may be because of their limited knowledge   

they get confused are worried about the number of opportunities they have with them after the completion of the course 

 The world  population is gradually increasing in your future definitely going to see food crisis is a agriculture input is not taken care of and who is going to take care of this definitely trained and educated agriculturist having graduate or any higher degree with agriculture background  so agriculture has booming  more scope in the near future

agricultural activities are the biggest economic activity in India employing the largest number of people still it is the most underdeveloped sector having almost unskilled labour with zero training engage in it which is the main reason of their very low per capita productivity to uplift this underdeveloped agriculture trained and even professionally educated workforce is a need of the earth  

● thereby creating a lot of job opportunities for candidates having Bachelor agriculture degree in hand  activities farming, harvesting, processing packaging, transporting  , warehousing , merchandising , distribution 

The value added production and marketing are some of the major operation fall within the Economics of the agriculture apart from these comes activities like agri financing National Macro crop planning , micro crop planning and Agriculture statistics so you can say that there is no their opportunities for qualified agriculturist even out of the field 

● it is also an undeniable fact that slowly but steadily professionalism is making its presence felt in agriculture sector of India prospects of Agricultural Scientists and educated agriculture's are increasing and good number of universities are offering courses in Bachelor of  agriculture with various

Agriculture coursers and generating various job profiles of the prospective candidates I'm here to answer your question that what after Bsc agriculture .

● Chance's  after Bsc agriculture like various job opportunities right after doing the course higher degree courses available after doing your graduation and career in the field of teaching etc.


Agricultural Field officers

 the major  role of an agricultural field Officer (Bank field officers) is two guide farmers and companies related to agriculture to expand agricultural productivity it is one of the most prestigious jobs in the public sector after bachelor of agriculture science.a  recruitment of agricultural field officers is carried out in banks by IBPS through the specialist officer common written examination every year 

2.  Assistant plant manager:- 

● next option is a becoming a system an assistant plantation manager these professionals are responsible for the development of the plantation its Extension and replant 

● organising of the crop transport to the factory building of roads ,bridges and having on tap on budget and cost control are the main job areas 

● you can say they are liable for the efficient and profitable management of harvesting and other operations related to the plantation of crops and vegetables 


3. Agriculture Development Officer :- 

● next best option is being an agriculture Development Officer 

● agriculture development officers work involved handling a lot of data they organise the raw data analysed and interpreted to agriculture Development Officer agriculture development officers work involved handling a lot of that they organise the raw data analysed and interpreted to get how to formulate long-term agriculture plan they are also responsible for such things as plants suited for your areas climate availability of workers and possible problems like drought and plant disease etc become an Agricultural Development Officer you may have to clear the exam taken by UPSC from time to time 

4. Agriculture technician:- 

● agricultural technicians to work related to food ,fiber ,Animal Research , production and processing by inventing methods to improve yield of crops protect animal's from diseases 

5. Marketing executive:- 

● It is one the most popular Job profile in the corporate world as they promote a product and develop sales strategies to attract customers and satisfy their requirements in order to increase profits 

● If you are crazy to see tiny plants coming out of seeds  than a job of a plant breeder is the best fit for you plant breeder innovate and develop new strategies tools and technology to improve the unit of major crops in India 

6.Plant breeder:- 

● Plant breeders improve existing plant varieties are create new ones to improve the appearance, resistance to disease , yield  and other characteristics. They may work in a commercial academic or research center

● The  role of plant breeder will ne aimed to develop useful  traits in plants  so their role is  vital in agriculture industry as there are constant challenges to meet market requirements and consumer demands and to increase and maintain yields in important a crop

7.Seed technologist:- 

● A perfect blend of biological sciences and technology is a seed technologist they are the ones who provide 

● Support to see growers by helping them with the operation of Seed equipment   planting of seeds and seeds scouting , seed  Technology also include the development of Superior Crop plant variety 

● Their evaluation and release seed production, processing , seeds storage, seeds testing,seeds  qualities checking, verification , marketing of seeds , distributions and examination on seeds etc..

Remaining other career  outlines and job chances one can go for after Bachelor of  agriculture science graduates  are  

1.Field specialist,

2. fertilizer sales executive microbiology researcher

4.plant breeder

5.soil survey assistant

6. farm director

 Besides these options a BSC degree holder also have various self employment opportunities after completing graduation in this field and with some experience