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 How can be Avocado grown 

Avocado fruit

* Avocado is considered as one of the  the American trendiest fruit 

"Growing tips and techniques "

* They are also considered as Mexican fruit of ancient times 

* Aztecs called Avocados as "AHUACATL" Which actually means Testicle fruit 

* Avocados are sweetest and they get their flavor from natural oils residing inside but not by sugars

* They are the hardest fruits on the tree never becomes soft until they are harvested 

* They should not be picked until they attain 8% oil content, if they are picked earlier it never becomes soft

* It nearly takes 30 min to harvest  whole tree 

* We should put blade or knife against the stem then cut it and it falls on the bag 

* eldest trees of avocados are 40 feet height 

* They have to be harvested firm green and should be ripen in kitchen 

* They should not be stored in refrigerators as coolness changes its flavor

Types of Avocados 

1.Pear shaped or round shaped (Based on shape)

2.Green or black in color ( Based on color)

"How to eat :- 

* Inorder to get all nutrients it should be peeled off and eaten , scooping with spoon may damage its nutrients

* usually , in march trees attain mature fruit , there will be small buds which are ready to bloom 

"Hass" is the mostly grown variety of avocado fruit which has more demand in market

* Main quality of this variety is having thin skin

* One of the most important thing is to make sure trees are hydrated

* Irrigation through wells or any other means can be given

* Main characteristic of avocados is they can grow back even after cutting up to stump , even more vigorously

" cultivation of Avocados "

* Avocados should be maintained at 20 feet height 

* Irrigation is important part of cultivation as layers of soil gets hard quickly 

" Propagation of avocados through cuttings "

* using a sharp knife cut the twig at an angle of 45 degrees

* on the cut end , gently wound the limb by cutting small parts in bark

* later dip root ends in IBA rooting complex

* Finally , place it in potting mix 

"Yield of avocado"

*100 to 500 fruits per tree 

"Nutritional values of avocado:- 

* 100gm of avocado contain 

25 % of vit K 

17% of vit C

10% of vit E

15% of potassium 

20 % of folic acid 

Benefits of avocado:- 

* Rich in potassium takes over 1st place in potash compared to bananas

* controls cholesterol level in body

* Healthiest and delicious fruit 

* Rich in fibre which promotes digestion

* Highly nutritious 

* This fruit maintains electrical balance of the body 

* Avocados reduces blood pressure and prevents cardiac arrests 

* Fat present in avocados is oleic acid which is the major component of olive oil 

* Avocado oil can also be used in cooking which is beneficial to hairy and prevent heart diseases and cardiac arrests

* 100 gms of avocado contain 7 gms of fibre so it improves digestion capacity

* lowers weight and belly fat mostly useful to the people who are dieting and in prior need of weight loss 

* use of avocado oil for cooking or in salads increases absorption capacity of anti oxidants as they are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin

* avocados also help in treating arthritis and reduces the effect of chemotherapy in cancer patients