High oxyegn producing indoor plants | oxygen producing plants at home

High oxyegn producing indoor plants

Green Oxygen plants in pot
Oxygen plants at home

House plants actually release oxygen oxygen during  the day there is natural light through the process of photosynthesis 

Although this process halts in the absence of light , having plants in your home can help to improve the air quality throughout the day @so if you're thinking of adding little green to your home to boost air quality and oxygen level.here are some of the best plants you can choose 

1.Areca palm:- as with all plants the The areca palm is biologically engineered to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, but what sets the areca palm apart is its ability to purify the environment as well removing dangerous chemical

The Areca palm does  well in filtered light and needs to be a watered offer 

2 snake plant:- the snake plant is another striped foliage plant  that can be striking house plant with bold upright leaves 

It is simply  to safe keeping for and will raise lovely in a good Sunlight condition or a affect  that only has in-direct sunny light 

You don't even have to be over regular watering it as it will do fine dry soil .in fact overwatering is one of the big problems with snake plants 

Snake plans an excellent choice for any room in the house and will help remove formaldehyde from your air

3. Peace lily:- peace Lily removes numerous chemical vapors including Acetone Ammonia benzene and scores at the top of the list for removing some toxins it also races indoor humidity levels 

a beneficial quality for dry climates this easy house plants  is ideal for beginners or   homes with little sun light 

4.Tulsi:- tulsi  is another name in the list of plants that give out oxygen at night 

Tulsi leaves emit a distinct scent that can calm nerves and help reduce anxiety

having the tulsi plant in the home balcony or near the window allows to sleep better at night 

Consuming leaves of tulsi plant has several benefits such as curing fever and common cold and sharpening memory 

5 . Gerbera daisy:- this purpose flour at any home moving benzene and Formaldehyde it can be grown outdoors in the summer then brought indoors for the cooler months throughout the winter it is relatively difficult to grow indoors and to grow indoors and likes a lot of light 

6 alovera:-

 alovera is succulent that grows slowly and has flashy spear -like leaves the perfect cure to  every skin problem aloevera releases plenty of oxygen at night that purifies the air 

7 Money plant:-

money plant featured by NASA the money  

It is famous for its ability to remove chemicals and other pollutants from the air, especially benzene formaldehyde, xylene and toluene, but despite the benefits of its high filtration rate

 this tract is toxic to cats dogs and small children if it leaves are are leaves are ingested English Ivy English Ivy plants are the most common type of plants that are found in many household these answer power packed with a power packed with a substantial quality of giving oxygen at night 

These plants are made to use most of the times for good ground or wall  coverage of a particular Space as they trend to spread out quickly