Spiral whitefly | how to treat whitefly | Spiraling whitefly treatment

 How to treat spiraling whitefly 

Spiral whitefly is a new exotic insect that is booming step by step in India and our state.  This whitewash expects not only coconut plantations but also banana, palm, custard apple, oil palm and ornamental species. 

 ◆ It expects 144 species of plants belonging to 64 families.  In Andhra Pradesh, this spiral white spot was spotted in December 2016 in nurseries in Kadium area of ​​East Godavari district.

◆   In Andhra Pradesh, coconut and oil palm have spread to Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore and Chittoor.

◆ It's effect on  not only andhra Pradesh state  all over india effected by Rugosa whitefly pest 

◆ In india , Previously effect on tamilnadu state , gradually transfer to andhrapradesh and odisha ...

  Symptoms :-

1.It is a type of sap-sucking aphid, spiral whitefly that mainly spreads to other places through whitish plants.  

2. The tree sucks sap from the underside of the leaves and forms white circles on the undersides of the leaves.  A fungus called "Capnodium", "Leptozifum" grows on it and forms a black layer on the leaves.  

This can cause the photosynthesis of sunlight to freeze, causing the tree to become completely dormant and yields to decline.


Life cycle :

Life stages of white fly pest

Comprehensive management of the spiral whitefly :- 

1. Whitefly can be controlled with biological control.  

2. White spot infected coconut and ornamental plants should not be moved from one place to another.  

3. Clipping 100 to 150 pseudo mallard aster eggs when whitefly infestation is low and 200 to 300 pseudo mallard aster eggs per medium, per tree

 4. Allied Ncorsia guadalope budanikala should be collected from the coconut plantations and released in the areas where whitewash is expected.

  5. Insecticide leave for spiral whitening has been announced.  Therefore the use of unwanted pesticides should be avoided and allied pests should be bred. 

 6. Apply yellow glue sticks to the coconut tree trunk and apply castor oil once in 7-10 days.  Iseria pneumosorcia entomopathogenic fungus should be sprayed on the leaves with 5 g / liter of water.