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 What is organic farming

Organic farming name and green color grass
Organic farming

It tooks hundreds of thousands of years Population to reach 1 billion and in less than 200 years that has increased to nearly 7.5 billion human beings many scientists calculate the sustainable population to be about 2 billion human beings because of this we wishes to control our assets in meals production

✓  very carefully to Cater to the extra 5.5 billion people as populations have grown farming practices have become more intensified to maximize crop yields and ensure that we can feed our ever growing population  

Fertilizer and pesticides are used on crops and animals may kept  inside in more densly packed sheds   to maximize milk yields or egg production or  speed up the time needed for the animals to be ready to be sent to the market for meat 

✓ organic farming currently accounts for about 1% of agricultural land worldwide it focuses on sustainability and is thought to have less detrimental  effects on the environment than conventional farming this is late with being proposed  as an alternative to conventional agriculture fit helping to  overcome the climate change crisis

✓  we currently experiencing but debate  continues as it is no perfect solution in theory organic farming  should not use chemical fertilizers herbicides and pesticides or  feed additives for live stock  it requires the follower to use more natural alternatives this results in lower yields but farming can sell their products at a higher price because consumers is believed that product it  is of a higher quality 

✓ instead of fertilizers manure is  used this recycle waste and improve the Soil structure however it is smelly more difficult to apply than chemical fertilizers and also means farmers has less control over the mineral content they are putting into the their soil

Crop rotation is used to reduce the diseases building up in the soils and to strengthen the soil composition certain crops such as the legume family so peas and beans fix nitrogen nutrition from the natural air  and speedup nitrates  in the land of soil 

✓ This makes this were fertile and so farmers rotate  with legume other crops growing multiple crops however les efficient and produces low yields than specializing in one or fewer crops instead of  using herbicides weeding is the preferred organic technique this is of course much more environmentally friendly because it is chemical free but it labour intensive this does mean more jobs available which is great thing organic farming is thought to maintain biodiversity better than conventional farming because fewer chemicals are used 

There extra bumble bees and bug in the location because insecticides have not been used and non crop flora cab develop as herbicides aren't used biodiversity blessings meals chain across all ranges from the flowers as much as the foxes these are the theories of natural farming.

Organic farming practices:-  

at the equal discipline season by way of season. This organic agriculture method may encompass a fallow length within a sure interval of time.

crop rotation:

in comparison to monoculture farming practices, :

eradicates pest and weed infestations and chemical contaminations to tackle the problems (considering the fact that distinctive species suffer from special pests);

prevents soil erosion with distinctive root systems;

protects soil from depletion as numerous vegetation raise nutrient release, consequently eliminating synthetic fertilizer programs which are disapproved in natural agriculture;

enhance yields and reduces fees.

cover Cropping:- 

This farming technique implies masking the sector with any plant species, either for a positive season or perennially, in part among the crop rows or absolutely. 

It address soil erosion, enhance water filtration and aeration with their roots. they also take away weeding with upper components, by hiding unwanted plants from the daylight.

Green manure cropping;- 

We can call as inexperienced Manures

mixing green plant life with the soil enriches it with organic topics and nitrogen in particular. It also increases moisture ranges and adds vitamins for microorganisms, hence improving the soil excellent. The described method of agriculture additionally reduces weed infestation.

green and animal manures in organic farming

Animal Manures:- 

This organic farming exercise enriches the soil with natural components that originated from animals, both raw or composted (aside from slaughter through-products). The method has regulations even though, because the cloth need to not incorporate any artificial components, the soil ought to be examined earlier than packages, and manures are allowed at least 3 months previous to harvesting.

Composted paperwork are most advantageous for the reason that they may be more compact in quantity and incorporate fewer capacity pathogens and contaminants.

integrated Weed management:- 

Heavy chemicals are prohibited in natural farming. That’s why weed manipulate is completed via other options of integrated weed control (prevention, biological, physical, and cultural):

avoiding weed penetration onto the sphere with equipment, animals, irrigation waters;

manual weeding;

crop rotation;


natural chemical substances to forestall germination;

haymaking before weed seeding;

introducing populations of birds/insects to devour weed seeds, and many others.

pest managemet in organic farming:- 

included Pest control

To combat pests, organic farming does not intend to ruin them completely because it will purpose environment changes. This concept of agriculture strongly is predicated at the alternative techniques of pest manipulate: prevention, building herbal limitations, physical elimination, and tackling pest invasions with their organic enemies (predators) like ladybugs vs aphids.

As to synthetic components, the idea permits only moderate pesticides approved for natural farming, with out disputable homes and minimum damage to humans and nature. Such additives include cleaning soap, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, sulfur, or natural pest repellents like neem, citronella, lavender oil, amongst others.

Livestock management:- 

(farm animals control):-

The natural agriculture recommendations exclude risky and dubious components to reproduce rooster and farm animals like synthetic medications, growth-boosting tablets and hormones, antibiotics, non-natural forage, GMOs, clones, and many others. Farming practices must offer proper conditions for elevating and grazing, and create a suitable surroundings to make sure farm animals herbal behavior indoors and outside.