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Agri apps
Agri apps

New mobile apps are helping farmers with vital information that enable them to take economically and environmentally sound decisions. 

 Mobile apps are an effective platform for training, teaching, plantation, plant protection, marketing and many other roles.  

They provide farmers with timely information to enhance yield and income.  The mobile apps are designed in accordance with the needs of the farmers, extension workers and researchers.  

Many researchers working in different institutes of the Indian Council of Agriculture and Research, New Delhi, India have developed a number of mobile apps on forecasting and forewarning of pest incidence, synthesis of information on integrated pest management, and selection cum calculation of  label - claim pesticides in the area of ​​crop protection, like pesticide calculator, mobile apps on pest forewarning (Pest - predict EMS and RBS).  

Many good agricultural apps are available on Google play store.  The following are some commonly used mobile apps.

  Mobile apps Timely info,

  Better decision making


✓ This mobile application was developed by ICAR - IISR , Lucknow . It helps farmers to decide upon the date and duration of the next irrigation , which helps in water management . 

✓ This app is based on the climatic condition of the area , weather forecast for northern states , and the impact on sugarcane farming.

✓ Limited usage of the app is reported in unfavorable situations like saline or alkaline soil , waterlogged areas , and areas with very heavy or loamy soil . 


✓ This mobile app was developed by ICAR Directorate of Cashew Research , Puttur , and Karnataka , India . 

✓ The developer had collected all the critical inputs and information's from all the centers of All India Coordinated Research Project on Cashew , under the program on Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture ( MIDH ) , Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare , Govt of India . 

✓ It provides comprehensive statistics on cashew grafts , nursery , cultivation , plant safety , submits harvest processing , market records , e-marketplace, various stakeholders consisting of farmers, researchers, develop mental corporations, processors at one place, and helps orchard growers.  



 ✓ This mobile app was developed by ICAR Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur, UP.

 ✓ Chana Mitra is an internet - enabled initiative of the institute for helping chickpea farmers with the lat est information and advisories for higher chickpea production.

 ✓  The app presents the data related to location - specific im proved chickpea varieties, crop manufacturing technologies, and crop plant protection technology, harvest technology as well as marketing and climate. 



✓ This mobile app was developed by ICAR CICR, Nagpur, India for benefiting cotton farmers. 

 ✓ It provides useful information on cotton, from sowing, varieties, hybrids, cultivation to management practices like protection and production technology. 

✓ Farmers can use this app to realize approximately market expenses and cultivation structure

✓ The key components are information on best varieties and hybrids, crop protection and production technology, and farmers outreach programs. 

✓  It also gives weekly advisories and regular updates on facts and figures related to cotton cultivation - production, -market pricing, and schemes, which improve the farmers decision - making skills.  


 ✓ This GIPM mobile app was developed by ICAR- NCIPM, New Delhi, India on Groundnut pest management. 

 ✓ This provides useful for dissemination across various stakeholders, extension function aries, pesticide dealers, and farmers. 

✓  It has features like pictorials of key pests.  damage symptoms, monitoring of pests.  management techniques, IPM schedule etc.  

✓ The chemical options have a link to insecticide and fungicide calculator to facilitate their selection along with calculation of quantity for a required area and application technology. 


✓ This mobile app was developed by ICAR Indian Institute of Soybean Research, Indore. 

 ✓ It is very useful for researchers, scholars, students, agro - advisors, ex tension workers and soybean growers. 

✓ The app helps in knowing the latest recommended production and protection technologies.  It helps the farmer to know about the key pests of the crop and their management strategies. 

✓  It provides in formation about the tools and equipment needed for harvesting, threshing, crop management, and some special treatment like seed treatment etc. 

 ✓ By using this mobile app farmers are able to get information about scientific recommendations on seed rate, sowing time, varieties in seed chain location wise etc.  It also helps other consumers with different soy food recipes. 

✓ Good Agricultural Practices, farmer soybean advisories generated by the experts and provides links for farmer discussion platforms


✓ This mobile app was developed by ICAR Directorate of Mushroom Research, So lan, Himachal Pradesh to help mushroom growers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students. 

✓  It helps to disseminate about the use of mushroom and how it can be cultivated on agricultural waste.  It provides the latest technologies of mush room cultivation.  


 ✓ This mobile app was developed by Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) and contains information on 100 essential crops of Kerala.  The information is categorized in ten heads which include tool. 

 ✓ crop cultivation, plant protection, organic inputs, agrochemicals, agricultural quiz.  video gallery, farm posters, expert support.  contact directory and app information.

✓   The crops are classified as spices.  vegetables and medicinal plants etc.

✓ The crop production aspects cover Information on planting, variety, fertilizer, alter care and harvest