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agricultural practices should focus on developing farming enterprises that are economically viable and biologically sustainable. 

 Soil health is the most important factor influencing the quality and productivity of the farm produce.  This in turn influences the return to the farmer.  

Maintaining soil health without compromising on environment sustainability is one of the biggest challenges in agriculture today.  

Soil health can be improved by the adoption of various management strategies.  Bio fertilizers are one of the means of fixing the nutrient availability in the soil, thereby enhancing soil health. 

 Use of Bio Fertilizers maintains the natural habitat of the soil, increases crop yield, replaces chemical nitrogen and phosphorus by up to 30%, and stimulates plant growth.  It give support against dry -spell and some soil - borne diseases.  

Being natural fertilizers, bio fertilizers not only protect the environment from pollutants, but also preserve the quality of soil by destroying harmful substances in the soil that can cause plant diseases.

  It is for this reason that Government of India is encouraging the use of bio fertilizers over chemical fertilizers through various schemes / pro grammes.  These include (PKVY), (MOVCDNER), (NMOOP) and  (NFSM).

Indian Council of  Agriculture Research , as part of its Nitrogen Project on Soil Biodiversity

The ICAR study indi cates that bio fertilizers can improve crop yields by 10-25 per cent.  They can and supplement costly chemical fertilizers (N, P) by nearly 20-25 per cent in most of the cases when used along with chemical fertilizers.  

Chemical fertilizers are manufactured artificially.  It is important to remember that they are chemicals that carry nitrogen, phosphate and potash as main soil nutrients. 

 Bio - fertilizers are natural.  They are made of bacteria (like azotobacterium and rhizobium) and fungi etc.  that fixation  N from the atmosphere, which is finally  used by the crops. 

 NAFED Bio Fertilizers For a Greener Mother Earth Understanding their significance for a sustainable environment, NAFED ventured into bio fertilizers in 1984-85.  

Its 1st bio - fertilizer making unit was started in Indore, M.P state with annual production capacity of four hundred and fifty MT.  The second unit came up in Bharatpur in 200-2001

 The production at the two units was started under the consultation and guidance of research bodies like Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), Council of Scientific and Indus trial Research (CSIR) etc.  

The consist ent efforts of the R&D team of NAFED Bio Fertilizer Units (NBF) have led to the production of the following product being sold under the brand name of NAFED. 

Composting Culture
Trichoderma Viride Biofungicides
NAFED bio fertilizers offer eco friendly organic agro - inputs. NAFED bio fertilizers like bacteria genus and Azotobacter are in use for a protracted time. 

bacteria genus inoculants area unit used for herb crops. 

Azotobacter is used in various crops

Azospirillum inoculations area unit principally counseled for sorghum, millets, maize, sugarcane and wheat. 

Trichoderma bio fungicides is used for all crops. Composting culture is employed for decomposition of organic waste. 

Phosphate solubilizing microorganism (PSB) area unit helpful, and capable of solubilizing inorganic phosphorus from insoluble compounds.

 once PSB is employed with rock phosphate, it will save concerning five hundredth of the crop demand of phosphatic plant food.
the employment of PSB as inoculants will increase phosphorus intake by plants. 

The performance of NAFED bio fertilizers in terms of capability utilization, internal control, extension and professional motion of this noble biotechnology has been punctually recognized by the National Productivity Council (GOI) by conferring upon it the distinguished Best Performance Awards eleven times. 

NAFED bio fertilizers fancy quality amongst farmers despite the rife cut throat competition within the trade. 

All  bio fertilizers of nafed are marketing by various all branches of the nafed society around the india so as to provides correct and timely disbursement to farmers. 

NAFED has additionally started the assembly and selling of liquid bio fertilizers. These merchandise area unit serving to the farmers to boost the productivity and quality of their crops considerably NAFED believes that property practices shall forever keep North American nation connected to Mother Earth.