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 Oil extraction unit | sunflower seeds for Oil extraction 

✓ India's yellow revolution was conceived to increase the nation's yield of oilseeds.  UttarPradesh is the first state in oilseed production whereas Rajasthan is ranked third. 

✓ Oilseeds are the crops from which vegetable oil is produced in which sesame, mustard, peanuts, soy and sunflowers are important.

✓ Mustard, Sesame, Groundnut, Castor, Soybean, are the major oilseed crops arising in Rajasthan.  Rajasthan ranks first in the production of mustard and mustard seed.  India is the largest producer of groundnut in the world.  

✓ Gujarat ranks first in groundnut production in India and Rajasthan ranks fourth.  Madhya Pradesh has the highest soybean production in India.  

✓ India processes only 1 percent of its production, while developing countries process 40 percent of their produce.  To get the maximum benefit from production, it is necessary to promote the processing of food grains.

 ✓ The food processing sector can play a major role in reducing post - harvest losses and aid in the creation of an additional market for farm produce. 

Oil Extraction Enterprises :-

✓ Youths can become entrepreneurs by setting up business of extracting oil from oilseed crops.  Knowledge of the economy of oil is important to get maximum  benefit.  

✓ About 3.5 kg oil can be obtained from 10 kg mustard which can be sold in the market at the rate of Rs.200 per kg.  Apart from this, 6.5 kg cake which will be obtained by extracting oil can be sold at the rate of 25 per kg.  From 50 kg of mustard, 17.5 kg oil can be obtained and 32.5 kg Khal can be used.  

✓ About 4.5 kg oil can be obtained from 10 kg linseed.  In one day, from 50 kg of linseed 22.5 kg linseed oil and 27.5 kg Khal can be obtained to get a nat profile of As 3495.  About 5.7 kg of coconut oil can be obtained from 10 kg of coconut.  Protein 11.5 kg Khal, sweets can be prepared by adding sugar or jaggery. 

 ✓ About 5 kg of almond oil can be obtained from 10 kg of almonds.  From 50 kg almond, 25 kg oil and 25 kg khal can be obtained, which can be sold at the rate of Rs.1500 per kg and Rs.28 per kg respectively.  

✓ About 5 kg of sesame oil can be obtained from 10 kg of sesame. 

 ✓ An entrepreneur shall need large containers and bottles for storage.  Stickers must be prepared for labeling and packaging on the bottles.  

✓ Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSA) registration number is required for sale of all types of oils.  

✓ The fee charged by FSSAI is only Rs 100 for a year for the purpose of promoting entrepreneurs.  Sorub soap can also be made with almond and sesame seeds.  Biscuits, tottee and other sweets can be made with almond and coconut cake. 

✓ About 4.5 kg of oil can be obtained from_12 kg, of peanuts.  The grains should be well dried.  It is advisable to remove peanut shell before extracting oil.  

✓ All these oils can be extracted easily through a machine costing Rs.1 lakh to Rs.1.5 lakh approximately.  It necessary to install a filter machine along with the oil dispenser.  Quality assurance is essential.

Recommendations for Promoting Food Processing Industries:-

✓  The Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee(APMC) Act may promote direct trade between famers and consumers 

✓ "To boost exports, India should work on improving the quality of its supply. * Government and industry should concentrate on the  needs of the market and try to meet the demand. 

✓ Producers and entrepreneurs should supply processed products according to demand. - The government, agricultural universities and companies should focus on making entrepreneurs efficient through skill trainings and especially promoting the marketing of their products. 

✓ Domestic  start - ups and industries should be encouraged in comparison to international companies.

 ✓ There should be a center of Food Processing Excellence in the state, where more and more food processing can be taught.

✓  In Rajasthan, skill development in the processing of soyabean, garlic, amla, coriander, potato, orange, guava, tomato, gram, mustard and flaxseeds and other foods is being promoted by the Food Processing Unit of Agricultural University, Kota