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Agri Value Chain Solutions is Post Harvest & Retail Solutions company. 
Agri Value Chain Solutions is a technology provider for the Cold Chain sector. 
It was established in July 2014.

It is based at one of Asia's largest fresh produce market in Azadpur, New Delhi, India.  It has made a name for itself in the Trade India's list of verified sellers offering supreme quality services. 

They provide post - harvest & retail solutions to increase shelflife, enhance quality and minimise losses for fruits, vegetables, and flowers at various stages in the value chain.  It provides latest technology for Cold Rooms, Ripening Chambers, Transportation & Packhouses. 

It is a team of 6 sales / engineers.  As part of this business, they also represent Post Harvest solutions companies from (USA, & Australia) in India for some of the solutions and have been effective in getting the right mindshare from cold chain sector, Pack houses for F & V Warehousing sector, Logistics, fooc processing, Green houses, wine storage, seafood & meat storage, flowers storage, processing and Fruits & Vegetables Retail in the F&V sector in India.

List of post - harvest solutions companies from USA & Australia:
Miatech (,
Bio Turbo (,
Fresh View ( &     Food Freshness Card (www

Advisory and Turn key Consultancy Services:-

  1. Integrated cold chain infrastructure
2. Logistics and Distribution center
3. Controlled atmosphere storage
  4. Post harvest management and pack houses
  5. Ripening Chamber and Degreening
  6. Food processing Technology

Scope of Deliverables:-

1. Economic viability of the project investments
2 2. Decision on right capacity and Budgeting 3. Project layout and Technology planning
4. Energy management solutions
5. Implementation of Safety systems
  6. Solar Energy system support
  7. Sharing of Government Policies 8  .Guiding insurance during implementation


Designing & Implementation for Cold storage & Pack houses with latest technology Humidification systems for Cold rooms & Ripening chambers. 
Ethylene Gas & Airborne Bacteria Removal Systems.  Refer Transportation applications Sensor Control systems for Ripening rooms projects.


The Vision is to work towards increasing shelf life & cut wastage / losses at various stages from farm to the market for fruits, Vegetables & Flowers.
   In developing countries, it has been estimated more than 30% of the produce loses its commercial value due to improper handling methods, inadequate temperature - controlled storage facilities and improper logistics and distribution systems adopted before it reaches the market, so our vision is to value  add in this space.
In the next five years our vision is to partner more innovative global technologies in post - harvest & connect with the FPO segment & the government projects in India for better post - harvest management of horticulture produce. 


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