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 It is a well-known fact that oil is made from soybean and used in cooking.  Few people know how to make soybeans that are almost identical to the milk of soybeans.  Soybeans Legumes are high in protein and the oils in soy are good for our body.  Research by the United States Food and Drug Administration has shown that consuming about 25 grams of soybeans a day can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.  Due to the high number of vegetarians in our country, the use of various foods made from soybeans is very good for our health. 

Combined with one part soy flour to two parts wheat flour, this mixed flour is used in the preparation of chapatis and puris, which significantly increases the nutritional value of puri chapatis

 Frequent use of soy meal maker and soy grits in curries provides more protein and mineral salts to vegetarians.  If cheese is made with soy milk, this cheese is approximately the same as cheese made with milk.  Soybeans are soaked in water and finely rubbed to make soybeans.  Soy milk is high in protein, vitamins and minerals.  For some infants, the lactose in normal buffalo and cow's milk is not enough.  Hence comes the lactose intolerance.  For such, we can say that soybeans are "a gift from God."  


Soy Milk Making Machine :- 

The main features of soy milk are that soy milk is easily digested and can be used as an alternative to buffalo and cow milk in terms of nutritional value.  The price is also low compared to buffalo and cow.

Preparation of soy milk:- 

 Take soybeans, clean and soak in service water for 6-7 hours. Then rinse clean and grind finely with hot water. If grinding in a wet grinder, keep the lid on and grind without touching the air. 

 This grinded dough should be finely chopped. This chopped material called asthis soy slurry. Add 10 liters of hot water to this soy slurry and cook for 20 minutes. Soybeans are made by straining of cooked slurry. 

  This soya milk contain 7-8 percent solids. Adding 3-4 per cent sugar and 0.003 per cent salt to it increases the taste of the milk and makes the milk like toast milk. 

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This milk can be used as regular milk and can also be made into yoghurt and cheese.

 We have to make soy milk at home which means we need a grinder / mixer, gas stove, cooking utensils, muslin cloth and 30 liters per hour to run soybean machinery for small scale industry only 

 This machineries are marketing by 

 SSP Faridabad (Haryana), SPU Center, CIAE (CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF Agriculture ENGINEERING) Bhopal.

The machinery can cost from Rs 2.50 to Rs 3.50 lakh

. This equipment includes a grinder made of stainless steel as well as a dog and a steam generator. It produces 30 liters of soy milk per hour.

This requires 4 kg of soybeans.

30 liters of flavored milk (flavored milk) can be made with 15 liters of milk.

According to the construction and operation of the machine, a pipe is attached to the grinder cum cooker so that the water comes out of the steam engine.

Steaming directly into the tea grinder creates an oxygen-free environment and helps to produce good quality milk.

Soybeans soaked in water are put in a grinder through a funnel into boiling water.

This grinder cum cooker has a motor that grinds for 20 minutes to make a surly. These soybeans are made by filtering the sorrel through a muslin cloth.

This soy milk can provide health for health and income for income