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The juice extracted from sugar cane is used to make sugar and jaggery. Sugarcane juice has a special place as a fresh drink. About 74 per cent of the sugarcane produced is used for sugar production, 15 per cent for jaggery production and the rest as seed and fresh beverage. 

Not only in the country but also in South Asian countries the king pani yanga sugarcane juice is highly preferred as the fruit juice is stored and presented in attractive packaging. Of these, the chemicals used for storage have the greatest detrimental effect on public health.

With this in mind consumers are passionate about fresh fruit juices and fresh cane drinks that are readily available in nature.

Nutritional Values:

One hundred ml of sugarcane juice contains 902 per cent water and 11 g of carbs. Calcium 10 mg Numu thiamine mg Riboflavin 2 mg Vitamin mg mg. Get 30 kcal.

 Medicinal properties: 

Highly sweetened sugar cane juice is not only a thirst quenching drink but also a useful remedy for colds, fevers and sore throats.

 The sixth instant energy drink. Its antifungals dent the body's immune system
The kidneys help the serum to function well and thus make the urination go smoothly. Sugarcane juice releases sugar slowly into the bloodstream as it has a low glycemic index.

 Ayurveda says that it works as a good medicine for people with jaundice. Helps the body to function properly.
Sugarcane juice should be taken fresh and drunk immediately.

Sugarcane crushers and surrounding areas should be kept clean. Crushers are commonly used to extract juice from sugarcane.

As an alternative crushers with stainless steel rollers have now come into the market. It consists of three stainless steel rollers and sugar cane crushers 15 hp. Operate with motor.

The price of the machine is around Rs.
The crushing rollers are mounted in a glass box invisible to the outside.

The juice comes out through the nostril. This protects against the dust and germs that come from the outside and gives the pure sugarcane juice. 

It can produce 100 kg of sugarcane juice per hour. The juice yield from these crushers is about 70-75 percent. In addition, these crushers also have the facility to taste the sugarcane.

 These are called Instant Chiller Crusher. It can be mixed with lemon juice, ginger or mint juice and served as a fresh, healthy, healthy cane juice. With these stainless steel crushers small traders can become self-employed in towns and sell sugarcane juice profitably.

 The price of a ton of sugarcane
It will be around Rs.2700.

 It yields about 700-750 liters of sugarcane juice. If a glass (200 ml) of sugarcane juice is sold at Rs. 10 per tonne, the income from sugarcane is around Rs. 35000-37500

We can get our investment back on crushers in two and a half to three years. In the big cities these are sold under the names Sugar hub or Soda hub with various flavors added to the sugarcane juice. 

Sugarcane juice, which has many nutritional and medicinal values, can be sold to small traders or youth as self-employed for a profit as well as to serve consumers as a fresh, healthy cane juice as a fresh drink.